Charlie Baker
Still Kicking - but not down here
Orchid Species Culture
Charles and Margaret Baker
Marg Baker
Passed away 9/15/2003

We are pleased to provide some online features for orchid enthusiasts.
Orchid Culture Sheet Service...
"Culture On Demand"
This is an extensive library of cultural information of orchid species based on their native habitats and the experience of many growers.
These culture sheets are offered on a subscription basis.
Favorite Links
This is a collection of links to other webs sites that we use in our research, as well as links to other sites of interest to orchid growers.
Orchid Culture Sheet Sampler
This is a collection of sample culture sheets of orchid species in the same format found in our culture sheet service.
Relative Humidity
What relative humidity is, and how to regulate it.
Day Length for Various Latitudes
This page has tables for the length of daylight hours for each half-month and every 5° of latitude from 60°N to 60°S.
Greenhouse Light Levels
How to interpret light level descriptions, and how to measure light levels.
Orchid Fragrance Information
This page gives fragrance information from our culture sheets for hundreds of species.

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