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Index by Genus

Section 75
Masdevallia: icterina to mopsus


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Masdevallia icterina Königer
Masdevallia ignea Rchb. f.
Masdevallia impostor Luer and Escobar
Masdevallia indecora Luer and Escobar
Masdevallia inflata Rchb. f. -- as M. corniculata Rchb. f.
Masdevallia infracta Lindley
Masdevallia infracta subsp. oscitans Luer -- as M. oscitans (Luer) Luer
Masdevallia instar Luer and Andreetta
Masdevallia invenusta Luer -- as M. delphina Luer
Masdevallia ionocharis Rchb. f.
Masdevallia irapana Sweet
Masdevallia iricolor Rchb. f. ex Kränzlin -- as Dracula iricolor (Rchb. f.) Luer & Escobar
Masdevallia iris Luer and Escobar
Masdevallia ishikoi Luer
Masdevallia isos Luer -- as M. bicolor Poepp. and Endl.
Masdevallia janetiae Luer -- as Dracula janetiae (Luer) Luer
Masdevallia jubar Luer and Malo -- as M. tridens Rchb. f.
Masdevallia kalbreyeri Rchb. f. ex Kränzlin -- as M. urceolaris Kränzlin
Masdevallia klabochorum Rchb. f. -- as M. xanthina Rchb. f.
Masdevallia kuhniorum Luer
Masdevallia kyphonantha Sweet
Masdevallia lactea Kränzlin -- as Dracula velutina (Rchb. f.) Luer
Masdevallia laeta Rchb. f. -- as M. coccinea Linden ex Lindley
Masdevallia laevis Lindley
Masdevallia lamia Luer and Hirtz
Masdevallia lamprotyria Königer
Masdevallia lankesterana Luer
Masdevallia lata Rchb. f.
Masdevallia lateritia hort. -- as M. coccinea Linden ex Lindley
Masdevallia laucheana Kränzlin ex Woolward
Masdevallia lawrencei Kränzlin -- as M. guttulata Rchb. f.
Masdevallia lehmannii Rchb. f.
Masdevallia lenae Luer and Hirtz
Masdevallia leontoglossa Rchb. f.
Masdevallia lepida Rchb. f.
Masdevallia leptoura Luer -- as subsp./var. of M. pachyura Rchb. f.
Masdevallia leucantha Lehmann and Kränzlin
Masdevallia leucophaea Luer and Vásquez -- as subsp./var. of M. boliviensis Schlechter
Masdevallia lewisii Luer and Vásquez
Masdevallia ligiae Luer and Escobar
Masdevallia lilacina Königer
Masdevallia lilianae Luer
Masdevallia limax Luer
Masdevallia limax Luer subsp. maxilimax Luer -- as M. maxilimax (Luer) Luer.
Masdevallia lindeniana A. Richard and Galeotti -- as M. floribunda Lindley
Masdevallia lineolata Königer
Masdevallia lintricula Königer
Masdevallia livingstoneana Rchb. f. and Roezl
Masdevallia longicaudata Lemaire -- as M. infracta Lindley
Masdevallia longiflora Cogniaux not Kränzlin -- as M. coccinea Linden ex Lindley
Masdevallia longiflora Kränzlin not Cogniaux
Masdevallia lotax Luer -- as Dracula lotax (Luer) Luer
Masdevallia lucernula Königer
Masdevallia ludibunda Rchb. f.
Masdevallia ludibundella Luer and Escobar
Masdevallia lueri Senghas (an invalid name) -- as M. senghasiana Luer
Masdevallia lychniphora Königer
Masdevallia macrogenia (Arango) Luer and Escobar
Masdevallia macroglossa Rchb. f.
Masdevallia macropus Lehmann and Kränzlin ex Kränzlin
Masdevallia macrura Rchb. f.
Masdevallia maculata Klotzsch and Karsten
Masdevallia maculigera Schlechter -- as subsp./var. of M. affinis Lindley
Masdevallia maloi Luer
Masdevallia manchinazae Luer and Andreetta
Masdevallia manoloi Luer & M. Arias
Masdevallia margaretae Luer -- as M. carruthersiana Lehmann and Kränzlin
Masdevallia marginella Rchb. f.
Masdevallia marthae Luer and Escobar
Masdevallia mascarata Luer and Vásquez
Masdevallia mastodon Rchb. f.
Masdevallia mataxa Königer
Masdevallia maxilimax (Luer) Luer.
Masdevallia maxillariiformis Lehmann and Kränzlin -- as M. strumifera Rchb. f.
Masdevallia medellinensis Kränzlin -- as Dracula radiosa (Rchb. f.) Luer
Masdevallia medusa Luer and Escobar
Masdevallia megaloglossa Luer and Escobar -- as M. vargasii Schweinfurth
Masdevallia mejiana Garay
Masdevallia melanoglossa Luer
Masdevallia melanoxantha Linden and Rchb. f.
Masdevallia meleagris Lindley as used by Rchb. f. in 1858, not Lindley 1845 -- as M. picturata Rchb. f.
Masdevallia meleagris Lindley not Rchb. f.
Masdevallia menatoi Luer and Vásquez
Masdevallia mendozae Luer
Masdevallia mentosa Luer
Masdevallia metallica Lehmann and Kränzlin -- as M. caesia Roezl
Masdevallia mezae Luer
Masdevallia microglochin Rchb. f. -- as Dracula velutina (Rchb. f.) Luer
Masdevallia microptera Luer and Würstle
Masdevallia microsiphon Luer
Masdevallia midas Luer
Masdevallia militaris Rchb. f. and Warscewicz -- as M. coccinea Linden ex Lindley
Masdevallia miniata Williams -- as M. coccinea Linden ex Lindley
Masdevallia minuta Lindley
Masdevallia misasii Braas
Masdevallia molossoides Kränzlin
Masdevallia molossus Rchb. f.
Masdevallia monogona Königer
Masdevallia mooreana Rchb. f.
Masdevallia mopsus Lehmann & Kränzlin -- as Dracula mopsus (Lehmann & Kranzlin) Luer

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