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Orchid Species Culture Sampler

A Sampler of Culture Sheets and Articles by Charles and Margaret Baker

Sheets -- Articles

These culture sheets and articles were provided by Charles and Margaret Baker.
Please visit their web site to find out about their culture sheet subscription service.

The sheets listed below and many more are available through the "Culture On Demand"
culture sheet subscription service. Note that although the subscription service requires
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These sheets contain Climate Tables. Be sure to visit Introduction to the Climate Tables
to help you understand how to use them.

Index of Sample Sheets

Acacallis cyanea Lindley

Aerangis luteo-alba (Krzl.) Schltr.

Aerangis punctata J. Stewart

Ancistrochilus rothschildanus O'Brien

Angraecum cultriforme Summerhayes

Angraecum leonis (Rchb.f.) Veitch

Barkeria barkeriola Rchb. f.

Bifrenaria harrisoniae (Hooker) Rchb. f.

Brassavola nodosa (Linnaeus) Lindley

Catasetum integerrimum Hooker

Cattleya skinneri Bateman

Chiloschista usneoides (Don) Lindley

Chysis aurea Lindley

Coelogyne nitida (Wallich. ex Don) Lindley

Coelogyne pandurata Lindley

Comparettia speciosa Rchb. f.

Coryanthes speciosa (Hook.) Hook.

Cymbidium atropurpureum (Lindley) Rolfe.

Cymbidium erythrostylum Rolfe

Dendrobium crispilinguum Cribb

Domingoa haematochila (Rchb. f.) Carabia

Encyclia cordigera (H. B. and K.) Dressler

Encyclia prismatocarpa (Rchb. f.) Dressler

Epidendrum parkinsonianum Hooker

Epidendrum schlechterianum Ames.

Epigeneium lyonii (Ames) Summerhayes

Euanthe sanderiana (Rchb. f.) Schlechter

Eulophia speciosa (Robert Brown ex Lindley) H. Bolus

Laelia briegeri Blumenschein

Laelia pumila (Hooker) Rchb. f.

Laelia speciosa (H. B. and K.) Schlechter

Laelia tenebrosa (Gower) Rolfe

Macroclinium bicolor (Lindley) Dodson

Masdevallia angulata Rchb. f.

Masdevallia datura Luer and Vásquez

Masdevallia strobelii Sweet and Garay

Mesoglossum londesboroughianum (Rchb. f.) Halbinger

Neofinetia falcata (Thunb.) H.H. Hu

Oncidium onustum Lindley

Oncidium trulliferum Lindley

Oncidium wentworthianum Bateman ex Lindley

Phalaenopsis lobbii Sweet

Psychopsiella limminghei (C. Morren ex Lindley) E. Lückel & G. J. Braem

Psychopsis krameriana (Rchb. f.) H. G. Jones.

Psychopsis papilio (Lindley) H. G. Jones.

Psychopsis sanderae (Rolfe) E. Lückel & G. J. Braem

Psychopsis versteegiana (Pulle) Lückel & Braem

Rhynchostylis gigantea (Lindley) Ridley

Schomburgkia galeottiana Richard

Sievekingia marsupialis Dodson

Vandopsis gigantea (Lindl.) Pfitz.

Zygopetalum mackayi Hooker

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Index of Articles from the AOS Bulletin ("Orchids")

by Charles and Margaret Baker

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