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Index by Genus

Section 76
Masdevallia: mordax to pterygiophora


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Masdevallia mordax Rchb. f. -- as Porroglossum mordax (Rchb. f.) Sweet
Masdevallia morenoi Luer -- as M. schizopetala Kränzlin
Masdevallia morochoi Luer and Andreetta
Masdevallia mosquerae Lehmann & Kränzlin -- as Dracula houtteana (Rchb. f.) Luer
Masdevallia moyobambae Königer -- as M. weberbaueri Schlechter
Masdevallia murex Luer
Masdevallia muriculata Kränzlin -- as M. pygmaea Kränzlin
Masdevallia muscosa Rchb. f. -- as Porroglossum muscosum (Rchb. f.) Schlechter
Masdevallia mutica Luer and Escobar
Masdevallia myriosigma Morren -- as M. floribunda Lindley
Masdevallia mystica Luer
Masdevallia naranjapatae Luer
Masdevallia navicularis Garay and Dunsterville
Masdevallia nebulina Luer
Masdevallia neglecta Königer
Masdevallia nicaraguae Luer
Masdevallia nidifica Rchb. f.
Masdevallia nitens Luer
Masdevallia nivea (Luer and Escobar) Luer and Escobar
Masdevallia norae Luer
Masdevallia normannii hort. not Rchb. f. -- as M. reichenbachiana Endres ex Rchb. f.
Masdevallia norops Luer and Andreetta
Masdevallia notosibirica Maekawa and Hashimoto
Masdevallia nutans Lehmann and Kränzlin -- as M. anachaeta Rchb. f.
Masdevallia ocanensis Kränzlin -- as M. picturata Rchb. f.
Masdevallia ochracea Burbridge -- as M. coriacea Lindley
Masdevallia ochthodes Rchb. f. -- as Scaphosepalum verrucosum (Rchb. f.) Pfitzer
Masdevallia odontocera Luer and Escobar
Masdevallia odontochila Schlechter -- as M. cupularis Rchb. f.
Masdevallia odontopetala Luer
Masdevallia oligantha Schlechter -- as M. amanda Rchb. f. and Warscewicz
Masdevallia olivacea Kränzlin -- as M. angulifera Rchb. f.
Masdevallia ophioglossa Rchb. f.
Masdevallia ophioglossa Rchb. f. subsp. grossa (Luer) Luer -- as M. ophioglossa Rchb. f.
Masdevallia oreas Luer and Vásquez
Masdevallia ortalis Luer -- as subsp./var. of M. rodolfoi (Braas) Luer
Masdevallia ortgiesiana hort. ex Rolfe -- as subsp./var. of M. campyloglossa Rchb. f.
Masdevallia os-draconis Luer and Escobar
Masdevallia os-viperae Luer and Andreetta
Masdevallia oscarii Luer and Escobar
Masdevallia oscitans (Luer) Luer
Masdevallia ova-avis Luer
Masdevallia pachyantha Rchb. f.
Masdevallia pachysepala (Rchb. f.) Luer
Masdevallia pachyura Rchb. f.
Masdevallia paisbambae Lehmann and Kränzlin -- as subsp./var. of M. xanthina Rchb. f.
Masdevallia paivaeana Rchb. f.
Masdevallia pallida (Woolward) Luer -- as subsp./var. of M. xanthina Rchb. f.
Masdevallia palmensis Kränzlin -- as M. heteroptera Rchb. f.
Masdevallia panamensis (Schlechter) Ames -- as M. livingstoneana Rchb. f. and Roezl
Masdevallia pandurilabia Schweinfurth
Masdevallia panguiensis Luer and Andreetta
Masdevallia pantherina Lehmann and Kränzlin ex Kränzlin -- as M. affinis Lindley
Masdevallia papillosa Luer
Masdevallia paquishae Luer and Hirtz
Masdevallia X parlatoreana Rchb. f. -- as subsp./var. of M. X splendida Rchb. f.
Masdevallia parvula Schlechter
Masdevallia pastensis Kränzlin -- as M. uncifera Rchb. f.
Masdevallia patchicutzae Luer and Hirtz
Masdevallia patriciana Luer
Masdevallia patula Luer and Malo
Masdevallia pelecaniceps Luer
Masdevallia peristeria Rchb. f.
Masdevallia pernix Königer
Masdevallia persicina Luer
Masdevallia peruviana Rolfe -- as M. bicolor Poepp. and Endl.
Masdevallia pescadoensis Luer and Escobar
Masdevallia phacopsis Luer and Dalström
Masdevallia phasmatodes Königer
Masdevallia phlogina Luer
Masdevallia phoenix Luer
Masdevallia picea Luer
Masdevallia picta Luer
Masdevallia picturata Rchb. f.
Masdevallia pileata Luer and Würstle
Masdevallia pinocchio Luer and Andreetta
Masdevallia planadensis Luer and Escobar
Masdevallia plantaginea (Poeppig and Endlicher) Cogniaux
Masdevallia platycrater Rchb. f. -- as Dracula platycrater (Rchb. f.) Luer
Masdevallia platyglossa Rchb. f.
Masdevallia platyrachis Rolfe -- as Specklinia endotrachys (Rchb. f.) Pridgeon & Chase
Masdevallia pleurothalloides Luer
Masdevallia polyantha Lindley -- as M. schlimii Linden ex Lindley
Masdevallia polyphemus Luer -- as Dracula polyphemus (Luer) Luer
Masdevallia polysticta Rchb. f.
Masdevallia polysticta Rchb. f. subsp. spathulifolia (Kränzlin) -- as M. polysticta Rchb. f.
Masdevallia porcelliceps Rchb. f. -- as M. macroglossa Rchb. f.
Masdevallia porcelliceps Rchb. f. var. sulphurea Kränzlin -- as M. coriacea Lindley
Masdevallia porphyrea Luer
Masdevallia portillae Luer and Andreetta
Masdevallia posadae Luer and Escobar
Masdevallia pozoi Koninger
Masdevallia princeps Luer
Masdevallia prodigiosa Königer
Masdevallia prosartema Königer
Masdevallia pseudominuta Sweet -- as M. kyphonantha Sweet
Masdevallia psittacina Rchb. f. -- as Dracula psittacina (Rchb. f.) Luer
Masdevallia psyche Luer -- as Dracula psyche (Luer) Luer
Masdevallia pteroglossa Schlechter
Masdevallia pterygiophora Luer and Escobar

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