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Index by Genus

Section 77
Masdevallia: pulcherrima to sulphurea


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Masdevallia pulcherrima Luer and Andreetta
Masdevallia pumila Poeppig and Endlicher
Masdevallia purpurella Luer and Escobar
Masdevallia purpurella subsp. nivea Luer and Escobar -- as M. nivea (Luer and Escobar) Luer and Escobar
Masdevallia purpurina Schlechter -- as M. amabilis Rchb. f. and Warscewicz
Masdevallia pygmaea Kränzlin
Masdevallia pyxis Luer
Masdevallia quasimodo Luer
Masdevallia quilichaoensis F. Lehmann & Kränzlin -- as Dracula iricolor (Rchb. f.) Luer & Escobar
Masdevallia racemosa Lindley
Masdevallia radiosa Rchb. f. -- as Dracula radiosa (Rchb. f.) Luer
Masdevallia rafaeliana Luer
Masdevallia rauhii Senghas and Braas -- as M. mezae Luer
Masdevallia receptrix Luer and Vásquez
Masdevallia rechingeriana Kränzlin -- as M. sceptrum Rchb. f.
Masdevallia reflexa Misas -- as M. misasii Braas
Masdevallia reflexa Schlechter -- as M. cupularis Rchb. f.
Masdevallia reichenbachiana Endres ex Rchb. f.
Masdevallia reichenbachiana var. aurantiaca Rchb. f. -- as M. reichenbachiana Endres ex Rchb. f.
Masdevallia reichenbachiana var. funebris (Endres ex Kränzlin) Kränzlin -- as M. reichenbachiana Endres ex Rchb. f.
Masdevallia remotiflora Kränzlin -- as M. amanda Rchb. f. and Warscewicz
Masdevallia renzii Luer
Masdevallia replicata Königer
Masdevallia restrepioidea Kränzlin -- as M. heteroptera Rchb. f.
Masdevallia revoluta Königer and Portilla
Masdevallia rex Luer and Hirtz
Masdevallia rhinophora Luer and Escobar
Masdevallia rhodehameliana Luer
Masdevallia rhopalura Schlechter -- as M. molossoides Kränzlin
Masdevallia richardsoniana -- as M. eumeces Luer
Masdevallia richardsoniana Luer
Masdevallia richteri Pabst
Masdevallia ricii Luer and Vásquez
Masdevallia rigens Luer
Masdevallia rimarima-alba Luer
Masdevallia rodolfoi (Braas) Luer
Masdevallia roezlii Linden -- as M. coccinea Linden ex Lindley
Masdevallia rolfeana Kränzlin
Masdevallia rosea Lindley
Masdevallia rosea Veitch -- as subsp./var. of M. rosea Lindley
Masdevallia rosea Woolward -- as subsp./var. of M. rosea Lindley
Masdevallia rosea subsp. echinata (Luer & Andreetta) Luer -- as subsp./var. of M. rosea Lindley
Masdevallia roseola Luer
Masdevallia rubeola Luer and Vásquez
Masdevallia rubiginosa Königer
Masdevallia rufescens Königer
Masdevallia rufolutea Lindley -- as M. civilis Rchb. f.
Masdevallia saltatrix Rchb. f.
Masdevallia sanchezii Luer and Andreetta
Masdevallia sanctae-fidei Kränzlin -- as M. auropurpurea Rchb. f. and Warsc.
Masdevallia sanctae-inesae Luer and Malo
Masdevallia sanctae-rosae Kränzlin
Masdevallia sanguinea Luer and Andreetta
Masdevallia sarcophylla Kränzlin -- as M. campyloglossa Rchb. f.
Masdevallia scabrilinguis Luer -- as M. attenuata Rchb. f.
Masdevallia scandens Rolfe
Masdevallia scapha Braas -- as M. navicularis Garay and Dunsterville
Masdevallia sceptrum Rchb. f.
Masdevallia schildhaueri Königer
Masdevallia schizopetala Kränzlin
Masdevallia schlimii Linden ex Lindley
Masdevallia schmidt-mummii Luer and Escobar
Masdevallia schmidtchenii Kränzlin -- as M. molossus Rchb. f.
Masdevallia schoonenii Luer
Masdevallia schroederiana Veitch
Masdevallia scitula Königer
Masdevallia scobina Luer and Escobar
Masdevallia scopaea Luer and Vásquez
Masdevallia segurae Luer and Escobar
Masdevallia selenites Königer
Masdevallia semiteres Luer and Escobar
Masdevallia senghasiana Luer
Masdevallia senilis Rchb. f. -- as Dracula chimaera (Rchb. f.) Luer
Masdevallia serendipita Luer and Teague
Masdevallia sernae Luer and Escobar
Masdevallia sertula Luer and Andreetta
Masdevallia setacea Luer and Malo
Masdevallia shuttleworthii Rchb. f. -- as M. caudata Lindley
Masdevallia simula Rchb. f. -- as Dryadella simula (Rchb. f.) Luer
Masdevallia soennemarkii Luer and Dalström
Masdevallia solomonii Luer and Vásquez
Masdevallia sororcula Rchb. f.
Masdevallia spathulifolia Kränzlin -- as subsp./var. of M. polysticta Rchb. f.
Masdevallia sphenopetala Kränzlin -- as M. corazonica Schlechter
Masdevallia spilantha Königer
Masdevallia X splendida Rchb. f.
Masdevallia sprucei Rchb. f.
Masdevallia staaliana Luer and Hirtz
Masdevallia stenantha Lehmann and Kränzlin -- as M. tubulosa Lindley
Masdevallia stenorhynchos Kränzlin
Masdevallia stercorea Königer -- as M. rigens Luer
Masdevallia stirpis Luer
Masdevallia striatella Rchb. f.
Masdevallia strigosa Königer
Masdevallia strobelii Sweet and Garay
Masdevallia strumella Luer
Masdevallia strumifera Rchb. f.
Masdevallia stumpflei Braas
Masdevallia subumbellata Kränzlin -- as M. bicolor Poepp. and Endl.
Masdevallia sulphurea Lehmann and Kränzlin -- as M. coriacea Lindley

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